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New Free Cell Games

Card Game Free Cell is pleased to announce the release of three great new free cell games! These games follow the same great guidelines as the popular solitaire card game free cell, but each has its own unique twist and gameplay

Bakers Game Free Cell is just like regular free cell, but you are restricted to placing cards onto those of the same suit (not alternating color). This is the most challenging free cell solitaire card game on this site, and should be attempted by experts only.

On the other hand, Eight Off Free Cell is a bit easier than regular free cell: you get 8 free cells to work with instead of the normal four. This is great for novice puzzle game players.

Last, and certainly not least, is the strategy game Double Free Cell. This card game is a real challenge for even expert free cell gamers, because it is played with two decks of cards instead of one. When you fill up a foundation, its time to start all over again with another ace.

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